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Holiday Tips for Pet Owners
by Faye Pietrokowsky, pet and people psychic

You probably take great care of your animals.There are some things in addition good food and pet products that you and you alone can do to ensure the well being of your special furry, feather and reptilian comrades. Start today and you can reduce upcoming holiday stress for you and your pets. Know that animals feel our tension. If you are stressed out, there is a good chance that you are paying less attention to your animals. If you aren't paying less attention, your mind may be elsewhere (on gifts, parties, food, calories, beloved departed ones, financial issues and regrets about the last twelve months). Here are some suggestions:

Slow down. Breathe deeper and slowly several times a day.

Talk to you pets more. Your voice is reassuring to them. They understand more than you realize.

If you host a party, tell your guests to allow the animals to approach them. Not all pets want affection from anyone and everyone.

If you are traveling without your pets, make sure that they are in good hands. Tell pets weeks before your trip that you will be leaving. Let them know when you will return. Think about them everyday while you are away from them.

If you are traveling with them, make sure that they are comfortable traveling and with the location and people whom they will be encountering. The people or places who will be greeting you and your animals should know the names of the pets and be willing and interested in having them in their home, hotel, etc.

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