About Our Instructors
Our training classes are small, usually three to five dogs per class, so you and your pet get the benefit of personal attention.

Our classes are taught by independent instructors who are not employees of Healthy Pets Northwest, but who have strong experience and professional credentials related to the classes they teach.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our instructors and that the educational experience is both positive and rewarding for you and your pet.
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Think of Us as a Montessori School for Your Dog!

Class Listings for 2014

Puppy Kindergarten

April 14 to May 19, 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Cost: $150.00 for six-week class.

Important Information: Puppies must have completed at least two rounds of DHLPP or da2pp vaccinations and be between 9 and 18 weeks old at the beginning of the course. FIRST CLASS IS OWNERS ONLY. Dogs can join the class in the second half hour for familiarization with the room, but must remain in the car for the first half hour.

Instructor: Rosemarie Stein
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Puppies! Teach your puppy how much fun you are and how that fun translates to a great relationship. Puppy K offers socialization time for your new family member and tips on training, socialization outside of the class, household manners and behaviors and much more. Start off on the right foot and build a lasting relationship and partnership with your new dog.

Equipment Needed: Flat buckle collar and a leash no longer than 6 feet. Small, soft, smelly treats and some means of keeping them easily accessible (treat bag or zip lock in an open pocket). We suggest bringing a pen and paper to take notes.

To register: Contact Rosemarie Stein directly by email at nosemovie[at]yahoo.com or call 503-702-5704.

More Classes

Basic Manners

April 14 to May 19, 7:15pm - 8:15pm
Cost: $150.00 for six-week class.

Class is limited to 5 dogs to assure plenty of one-on-one time and customized learning.

Important Information: First class is for owners only. Dogs may be brought to class on flat buckle collars or harnesses only (no pinch or prong collars). Please bring treats, toys or other things your dog enjoys. This is not a socialization class and dogs will be “working” during the whole session (no puppy playtime).

Instructor: Rosemarie Stein
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This “next steps” class for young dogs (or dogs new to you with no formal training) goes over training theory, answers the question “What motivates my dog?” and provides a fun and happy atmosphere for the basics such as sit/stay/down and a happy and solid recall (“come”). Learn how to “up the ante” and increase difficulty and distractions slowly so your dog understands behaviors in many different situations and with distractions. Open to dogs generally 5 months and older. No aggressive, highly fearful or reactive dogs.

To register: Contact Rosemarie Stein directly by email at nosemovie[at]yahoo.com or call 503-702-5704.

Class Location
All of our training classes and seminars are taught at our Multnomah Village Store, 7642 SW Capitol Highway, unless otherwise noted. Parking for classes is available in the lot just west of the Multnomah Village Community Center.
Instructor List

Gretchen Icenogle

Rosemarie Stein

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