About Our Instructors
Our training classes are small, usually three to five dogs per class, so you and your pet get the benefit of personal attention.

Our classes are taught by independent instructors who are not employees of Healthy Pets Northwest, but who have strong experience and professional credentials related to the classes they teach.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our instructors and that the educational experience is both positive and rewarding for you and your pet.
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Think of Us as a Montessori School for Your Dog!

Class Listings

Basic Manners

January 31 to February 28
First class: 10am to noon
Remaining classes: 10am to 11am

Cost: $150.00 for five-week class.

Important Information:
The first class is two hours. The first hour (10am to 11am) is for people only. The second hour is for people and dogs. Please contact the instructor if this is an issue.

Session payment is due the first day of class, cash or check made out to the instructor. Children younger than 12 are allowed only with instructor pre-approval.

Instructor: Rosemarie Stein
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This class works with young dogs (or new–to-you dogs) to develop communication, ability to work together and a foundation for basic behaviors. Expect information on training “styles” and personalized development of a system that will work for you and your dog. This is not a “play” session, but a class. Expect to work with your dog throughout the session.

To register: Contact Rosemarie by email at nosemovie [at] yahoo [dot] com or by phone at 503-702-5704. Emails are preferred.

Class Location
All of our training classes and seminars are taught at our Multnomah Village Store, 7642 SW Capitol Highway, unless otherwise noted. Parking for classes is available in the lot just west of the Multnomah Village Community Center.
Instructor List

Rosemarie Stein

Gretchen Icenogle

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