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One of the joys of working at Healthy Pets Northwest is getting to know all the wonderful pets that visit our shops on a daily basis. Pictured on this page are just a few of these incredible animals.

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My name is Meadow and I'm the newest member of the Healthy Pets Northwest family. I'm a rescue and have been very shy, but I'm coming out of my shell. That's because I get to hang out at the Multnomah Village store and meet all our great customers and their dogs. I really love to go for walks, especially in the woods where I can really run and have a good time.
I'm Milo and I was born August 23 2008. I love playing in the sink and bath tub, and my favorite toy is the laser pointer. For a healthy snack my person, Brittany, gives me Catswell Happy Hips treats. When I'm not in the sink or tub, you can find me sitting in the indow looking out onto Hawthorne Ave.
Hi, I'm Juneau. I live in Multnomah Village now and absolutely LOVE hanging out at Healthy Pets Northwest. It is my favorite store! Every time my humans take me for a walk by there I pull and pull until they give in and let me go inside. Barb and Michael from Healthy Pets Northwest have helped me become who I am today with their love, encouragement and advise for my human and me! See, I had a rough start...and I was not so sure about the world. But then Stacey and Terry (my humans) found me at Family Dogs New Life...and that is exactly what I got...a brand new awesome life. Now, I'm a powder hound and I love to ski and run. I'm working on agility these days...linking together my obstacles pretty good. I hope to learn all about frisbees this summer and get in some sweet hikes. See you soon...and don't forget to ask me to roll over before you give me that fabulous treat! Ruff...Ruff

PS. My photos were taken by Horace Long.
My name is Barkley and I'm a St. Bernard. When my parents got me at the end of August, I only weighed 25 lbs - now I weigh over 100 lbs! I'm huge and I'm getting bigger every day! I have grown so fast that I've been able to try just about every toy that Healthy Pets Northwest sells. I love chewing toys, chewing bones - pretty much anything that involves chewing. In my free time I like to chase my little brother Jackson (the cat) around the house.

PS. Horace Long took this photo of me at the Healthy Pets Northwest Multnomah Village store.
Kemper, the White German Shepherd, loves to play outside with other dogs, loves his teddy bear that he has had since he was around six weeks old, loves to snack on liver bones from Healthy Pets Northwest, likes to learn new tricks and enjoys getting his tummy scratched. He also gets excited about visiting Healthy Pets Northwest in Multnomah Village with his buddy Raleigh the rabbit.
Tequila (top) and I have been together for over 13 years when she was struck down by cancer. I was devastated. Three days later I adopted Whiskey (bottom) a year old Maine Coon female. Although nothing can ever fill the void of losing Quila, my new girl sure does try. She is energetic, loves to play and is occasionally known to snuggle.
Our names are Tito and Lola! We are two pug much loved by our humans. Lola was in the family first but she is learning to love me! We love going to Healthy Pets and letting them give us treats!
This is a photo of Freely. She is a Golden Retriever training to be my Service Dog. She retrieves items, as well as mitigates psychiatric disabilities. She is a wonderful assistant and companion!
Nina is the world's most spoiled and loving blue min pin. She only had 1 lick here, so don't get the wrong idea; she is spoiled with good food and lots of love. She'll be visiting Healthy Pets now that we live in Portland.
This is Gabriel, a Samoyed Great Pyrenees. He is 8 years old and weighs 110lbs. His Human is Jill and she loves walking and playing with him. He is visiting our store in this picture and loves to get treats.
This is Imp, a Boston Terrier. She is 11 weeks old in this photo and full of energy. Her Human is quite enamored by her and loves her very much. Imp likes coming to the store to gets lots of hugs and treats.
This is Grizzley who had 20 wonderful years on this earth. His human Valerie misses him very much. He was very loved.
Dexter loves to be with his people, Gene and Sue. They take him to work every day & on trips to run in the woods. He is very attached to his red blanket and takes it everywhere. This picture shows him at work.
Say Hello to Brodie! He is an Australian Cattle Dog and works at Healthy Pets Northwest greeting all the customers! In this photo he is 10 months old and loves to play Frisbee like all city dogs should! He is spoiled and loved by his Human Julie and is a very good dog!
This is our good friend "Sir" Weegin Sanderson. His kindness and spirit has touched a whole generation of our family tree. Weegin went to the big bird hunt in the sky last spring and he will be so very missed by all of his family and friends. We love you Weeg.
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