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Cecilia faking a trip to Hogwarts at Platform 9 3/4.

And So It Begins...

You may have seen me as a friendly face at the Woodstock store - if you have, it’s likely I was rhapsodizing over the Mad About Organics Healing Salve, or some brand of bone broth. If I’m not ringing any bells, it’s probably because I flit in and out of the country - thus the store - like the Santa Ana Winds.

I love travel and have been trying to stretch my trips for ever longer durations. Six months ago, I visited Cuba, learned enough salsa to become a slightly impressive foreigner, and attempted to be good at manual labor. Before that I lived in a rural village in Hungary with a houseful of foreign volunteers trying to design meaningful programming for local youths. I’ve spent prolonged periods in Nepal and Ireland, with several shorter trips to nearby countries.

Cecilia gazing wistfully from an abandoned Canadian mill.

Now I’m involved in my most intensive project yet: a six month marketing and communications internship for a nonprofit in Peru. I may follow this up with some development work in Bolivia. Travel to me is essential - how are we supposed to move forward as a planet if we don’t have as much information as possible on what’s out there? How are we supposed to build connection or solve problems if we’re isolated? Or understand what we’re doing right and what we can improve on? Not to mention seeing the many offerings of the world in pure vivacity, to come awake in a city surrounded by mountains, or to the sounds of women cooking on their rooftops. Like passing over burning coal, travel challenges and enlivens. The world is a colorful place and it’s my goal to see as much of it as possible.

Can’t or don’t travel? No worries - there are many ways to traverse the universe metaphorically and our little blog can be your first steps. And because we’re your neighborhood pet store, our lens of the world will be slightly shifted - to the animals! Yes, if you’ve ever wondered how dogs, cats, and other nonhuman creatures live around the world, this is the place and I’m your woman. I’ve had a Nepali cat tumble down hollow stairs right onto my head. I’ve provided respite for some of the stray dogs of the world. I’ve participated in the extremely questionable practice of riding elephants, and can share my concerns. I’m always watching and remembering and now is the time to share.

Cecilia scaling mountains in Ireland.

So, I’ll be in touch. Now tell me about you - where have you been? Where’s your favorite place that you’ve visited?

Editors note: Many Healthy Pets Northwest customers will recognize Cecilia from her time working at our Woodstock store. As part of our new blog feature, Cecilia will keep us informed of her travels, but with a view to the animals she encounters. We hope you enjoy Cecilia's contributions and insights.


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