HPNW Selects Charity for Woodstock Gives Back

Every year as part of Woodstock Gives Back: A Coordinated Day of Giving, Healthy Pets Northwest partners with a local non-profit or rescue shelter to help them raise funds and meet their mission. Our 2018 partner is Northwest Battle Buddies.

PTSD Service Dogs For Veterans – The NW Battle Buddies Mission

NW Battle Buddies empowers combat veterans with PTSD to regain their freedom and independence by partnering them with professionally trained and specifically matched service dogs for veterans with PTSD at no charge — They serve all our Veterans who served us all.
Stay tuned for more details...
Join us and the entire Woodstock Business District September 9th, from 10am to 3pm for Woodstock Gives Back. Click here for more info on Woodstock Gives Back

Looks Like Constructions Season at HPNW

Portland is in the middle of construction season, and so it seems is Healthy Pets Northwest. This season we have been primarily working our Hawthorne and Multnomah Village stores, but have not forgotten Woodstock.

Hawthorne Store Reset

Jesse and Joey take a break from updating the Hawthorne store.
Customers coming into our Hawthorne store are noticing some big changes in the store’s layout and use of space. We have removed the old grocery store type of fixtures and replaced them with industrial pipe frames and wood shelves. Displays in the middle of the store have been updated to make them more functional and appealing. We have changes coming so please stop in and check them out.
A new table full of treats.

Multnomah Village Updates

New sign at our Multnomah store.
At our Multnomah Village store the first new item most customers will see is sign above the front door. While it is new for us, we are glad to say that it is actually recycled from the Alberta store. One thing you won’t see it, but will certainly feel it on these hot days is the air conditioner this is going to be installed soon. Don't be surprised if you show up one day and the store is a different color because we plan to have the building painted in August.

Woodstock Deep Freeze

Freezer space for raw foods and frozen treats is very tight at the Woodstock store. To alleviate the crowding, we will be adding a three-door, glass-front freezer. It will give us a lot more space to meet the growing demand for raw pet foods.

Recycling Program Expanded to Woodstock Store

Thanks to Chloe, our Multnomah Store Assistant Manager, you can now repurpose bags from Open Farm and Wellness, as well as pouches from Weruva. How neat and great for the planet is that!

Just bring your bags or clean pouches into either our Multnomah or Woodstock store and drop them into the marked recycling box near the counter.

Up-coming Events

Woodstock Gives Back: A Coordinated Day of Giving
On Sunday, September 9 join us for this outstanding annual event that benefits local non-profits and organizations. Click for more information.

In-Store Product Demos

Northwest Naturals
Get information and free samples of raw and freeze-dried dog and cat food made right here in Portland:

  • Hawthorne - Saturday, September 29, 10am - 2pm

Links to Our Utah Affiliates

Self-Serve Dog Wash

Woodstock Store Only

Sad dog in dog wash

Our Woodstock store features two self-service dog wash tubs that are available on a first-come, first-served basis. We provide shampoo, towels and even have a blow drier.

Weekdays: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 5pm
Sunday: Noon - 4pm

Teeth Cleaning without Anesthesia

Multnomah Village Store Only

First and third Thursdays every month by Natural Pet Dental. Please call our Multnomah Village store at 971-222-2686 to make an appointment.

For more information on why shopping local matters, please go to the American Independent Business Association Web Page.

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